HEUER Carrera 12 Ref. 2447D (Decimal Dial) Egg Shell Sub Dials Valjoux 72 - 1970

Beautiful HEUER Carrera 12 with Ref. 2447D (second execution) from 1970. This version was delivered with one of the most sought-after dials. The „Decimal-Minutes-Dial“ or just called „Decimal“.

Ratchet Wheel chronograph with caliber Valjoux 72!

Stunning silver dial with white sub-dials (Egg-Shell or Albino).

If you are interested in vintage chronographs with racing history, you can’t avoid HEUER anyway, and certainly not a Carrera. The Carrera 2447 has shaped the success story of the early HEUER models like no other model.

Our model was given to the previous owner by his father when he graduated from university in 1983 and has been in his possession ever since. He has parted with some watches after now 38 years (our Polerouter from 1955 is also from his hand).

The case has a nice and even patina and has never been polished. This is probably one of the most important criteria when it comes to the 2447.

The edges are still razor sharp and the serial number, as well as the reference number between the lugs, are still 100% intact.

The dial has some spots, but the tritium in the hands and on the indexes is perfectly aged. Pushers, crown and crystal are also original. The watch has not been worn for the last 25 years according to the previous owner.

The diameter (9-3) is 35.5mm. However, since the diameter of Lug-Lug is very generous at 44.5mm, it looks much more present on the wrist than other watches of the same diameter (9-3).

The steel bracelet is not from HEUER, it is an original 7-row BOR steel bracelet from Omega with lugs #570. The steel bracelet fits the case almost perfectly and is worth about 500€. So if you own a 2447 yourself and are looking for an inexpensive alternative to the original BOR bracelet from Heuer, you should look for an Omega bracelet with #570 lugs.

The steel bracelet fits up to about 20cm wrist circumference.

Powered by the legendary Valjoux 72 caliber:

The Valjoux 72 is the finest hand-wound chronograph movement ever made. There are collectors who only seek and collect caliber specific.

The Valjoux 72 is also built into the Rolex Daytona „Paul Newman“ and is one of the most sought after movements on the market. The caliber was built from 1938 – 1974.

The ratchet wheel construction (Schaltradchronograp) connects the wearer like no other movement with his watch. There are countless internet sites, which focus on the Valjoux 72, you should really take your time and do some research. Super exciting!

Leather strap not included.

Watch is featured at Hairspring Watches. Full articke available here:


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